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Toothpick allows you to find order, and track all of your dental products in 3 easy steps

How It Works

All you have to do is find a product you love, select the clinic you want it delivered to, and leave the rest to us.

Some Of Our Features

Advanced Scheduling

Quick Add

Toothpick Plus

Categories for everyone

Whether it’s for orthodontics, periodontics, or even implantology, the options are endless! We like to make sure all our dentists are well prepared!

Committed To Hygiene

Our logistics partners abide by physical distancing standards, by the use of clean protective clothing as well as maintaining a high degree of personal cleanliness.

A Little Bit About Us

Providing dentists with a one-stop-shop for viewing & shopping the latest dental supplies on the market.
Operating in 4 countries & rapidly expanding.
Regardless of the size of the clinic, the university, or the dental association, our technology is customized for all of our clients.

Speedy Delivery

Items will be collected from suppliers and delivered to you within 2-3 working days.

Select the date & time of delivery suitable for you.

Our Partners

What We Offer

Toothpick Regular

Browse and shop from all supplierswith no limits

Around the clock support

Unlimited Orders

Access to all suppliers


Toothpick Plus

Get your prices when you buy in bulk

Specify a price you’re willing to pay

Receive the best prices from suppliers

Free *Terms & Conditions Apply

Partners With Us

Generate Additional Sales

Add a new online window to your brands to serve a larger geographical area and provide your clients with easy and informative content.

Strengthen Customer Relationship

Make it easier for your clients to reach you and place orders.

Use the Latest Technologies

Use a system that is constantly being enhanced and fully focused on the dental market to provide a leading and efficient experience.

Marketing Packages

Take advantage of our Marketing services to help you get started or improve your social media presence, & attract more patients.

Contact Us

Do you have any question?
We’re here to answer. How it works

Contact Us

Do you have any question?
We're here to answer. How it works

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